Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Health Update

I went to the doctor on Monday and they are concerned with the functioning of my kidneys. My kidney doctor that I've been seeing specializes more in the area of opening the kidneys and kidney stone. They are sending me to another specialist because he will deal more with helping the function of the kidneys. If the kidneys don't get functioning better I could end up on dialysis so we are trying everything we can. I have changed my diet and they are running more tests. I'm still passing stones and just praying the Lord will heal my kidneys so I can continue to travel across the world.
They will be working on the mass I have on August 14th. Thank you so very much for the continued prayers.
Our 3G Ministries is seeing people saved through the national pastors we are supporting. We are planning on supporting a pastor in Sudan, Africa and a pastor in Burma. Please keep these works and the finances for them in your prayers. Even though my health has slowed me down a bit, our ministry is still moving forward. Praise the Lord!

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