Friday, March 23, 2012

First Baptist Church, Dayton, Ohio

I flew to Dayton, Ohio to be with Pastor Rick Carr and the First Baptist Church. I always enjoy the spirit of Pastor Carr. 

I really enjoyed the music and presentations of the missionaries that were there for the conference.  There was an excitement with the people each night.   The church was able to increase their faith promise which is always is a help in getting more missionaries to the field.  There were people saved and baptized during the conference. I always look forward to being with this church.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Freedom Baptist Church

My meeting this past week was with Pastor Worley and the Freedom Baptist Church in North Carolina.  I always enjoy being with the people of this church. What a hard working bunch of people who are great at fellowshipping after the church services each night. I enjoy getting to know their people. 

This church has a heart for missions and it can be seen everywhere.  We had a great response to faith promise during the week and had people  baptized during the conference.

What a blessing it was to be with this church.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Fort Cooper Baptist Church, Florida

After flying back from the Philippines I had the opportunity to have a meeting with Pastor Marne Palmani and the Fort Cooper Baptist Church. What a great church and the people were exciting. They had a meal Sunday afternoon that was outstanding. The services were exciting and people respond well. God did a work in their hearts for the people of the world.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Public Schools in the Philippines

On Friday, March 17th, we spent the day by going into the public schools and giving the plan of salvation. We were able to see 714 people saved that day.  These are picture of some of the teachers we were able to see saved.
A special thank you to all the people who sacrificially gave to make this all possible. Only eternity will tell all that was accomplished on this trip.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gospel Baptist Church ~ Faith Promise Missions Conference 2012

Our Faith Promise Missions Conference was March 13-15th with much work put into the conference by many people. 
Preparation Materials Gathered:
65,000 tracts printed, 20,000 John & Romans, 2,500 preaching CD’s,   2,000 Bibles and 1,000 books and other printed materials.
Pastors who had registered received a Pastor’s Box:
10 English Bibles, 29 New Testaments, 80 John & Romans, 300 Ilonggo John & Romans and 1500 tracts.
One Pastor received a Acer Netbook, 3 couples received a night in the hotel for Valentine’s Day.  Many other gifts were given away to help encourage the pastors and their families that came.
We had over 300 people attend with 37 of those being pastors and over 40 churches present.

The picture above is some of the pastor's boxes won. 

Over 10 young people were called to be missionaries with many pastors dedicating their churches to Faith Promise Missions! Hundreds of other decisions were made for the Lord.  We were so excited seeing the Lord work in so many ways.

Gospel Baptist Church had the special honor of sending out one of their own missionary couple to start deputation to Nepal.