Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Heritage Baptist Church ~ Great Falls, MT

I flew out this past week to be with Pastor Sheldon Shearers and the Heritage Baptist Church.  I've known Pastor Shearers for many years.  He was one of the pastors that visited our family while we were on the mission field and he continues to support my son, Sam, there in the Philippines.

My daughter, Sandy, drove me to Shreveport, Louisiana to catch my flight. I boarded the plane and took off and we were in the air about 20 minutes when the pilot came over the PA system and said that we had hit a bird during take off.  We immediately had to return to the airport because of the damages to some of the sensors.  Because of the delay I missed my connecting flight and I was unable to continue my trip to Montana that night.  They put me in a hotel for the night and I caught a 6 AM flight the next morning to leave out with a few connections to Great Falls, Montana.

While on the first leg of this trip I was able to witness to a man named John who was sitting beside me.  He was going through some difficult times and said he thought about going back to church some day.  I told him it was always good to go to church but did he know for sure if he was going to heaven.  He said he didn’t really know and after about 30 minutes of hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ he bowed his head and trusted Jesus as his Saviour.   It is amazing how God changed everything so this man would be able to hear the Gospel that morning.

We had a great missions conference and the Heritage Baptist Church spoiled the missionaries.  We had a great  international dinner in which the people did a great job in preparing.  The church had such a giving heart and took on a great mission project for the missionaries that were from the Philippines. (picture of family at the top)

What a blessing to be with friends and a church that has such a burden for missions!

Monday, May 6, 2013

First Baptist Church ~ Watertown, New York

I flew home to spend ten hours with my wife, change suitcases and take care of some small needs before leaving to catch a 5 AM flight to Watertown, New York. I went to be with Pastor Jack Young and the First Baptist Church.

Because of the weather and flight delays, a trip that should have taken 7 hours, ended up taking 20 hours and I arrived at 1 AM Saturday morning.  I missed preaching the Friday night service but they had tremendous service with the missionaries that were there.

On Saturday night we had an international dinner and then I preached after the meal.  What a great job the people of the church did in making this a success!

We had a great day with the Sunday services. Pastor Young is doing a tremendous job in reaching the people that area.  Their Mission conference went very well and they were able to add a missionary family to the mission program.  Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The King's Way Baptist Church ~ Douglasville, GA

I was with the Kingsway Baptist Church and Pastor Bill Wininger in Douglasville, GA this past week to preach their mission conference.  What an exciting conference we had with three other missionary families being there for the week.  

This is one of the most exciting conferences that I ever attended. The members of the church were so excited to be involved in personally meeting the needs of every missionary couple there.  The pastor asked all the missionaries for the needs they had and the church members went out and met every one of those needs. I personally was blessed beyond measure with the things that they did for my wife and I.

Pastor Wininger is doing a tremendous job pastoring this church.  Some of the young people kept coming up to me every service and asking me questions about the mission field. The picture above is of two young men that would meet me at the church and fellowship with me before the service.

A special thank you to Bro. Jeremy Wilson for being my host and doing a tremendous job in meeting the needs of all the other missionaries. He worked  tirelessly in making sure that the conference was a great success.

People were saved and baptized at the conference and the preaching and testimonies were greatly enjoyed by all.