Thursday, January 31, 2013

Panama Trip

I just returned home from a missions trip to Panama.  I went with a group of young people from our Bible college, Texas Baptist College.  There were four groups that went to different countries:  Panama, Haiti, Africa and the Philippines.  How exciting it is to see our young people go with anticipation of what God will do.  
The group I was with went to several cities and mountain villages where we presented the Gospel to groups of people through soul winning and did some preaching.   The people were very kind and open to the Gospel.
We went to a village church and held a service among the Indians and saw people saved. The next day we went back to follow up in the same village.  As we went, there was a pick-up full of people who were waiting for their way back into the mountains. We asked the driver if he would wait so we could give the riders the plan of salvation. He agreed and, Juan, our Spanish speaker gave the plan of salvation to 21 people.  All but a few trusted Christ as their Saviour. 

There was a young man on the truck who had attended the service the night before and got saved. He was on the truck and watched Juan give the plan of salvation to the others. He came over to Juan and I afterwards and ask for some of the Book of Romans that we were giving out to the people. The Book of Romans had a very clear picture story of salvation in the front of it.   He said I want a lot of this Book of Romans to take back to my village and I think I can share the plan of salvation with them. He was very  excited about others learning for sure they could go to Heaven. I wish all new converts would be that excited about sharing the Gospel.

We traveled and passed out over 3,000 John and Romans and had 505 people saved.  A new church is beginning this February. Please pray for this national pastor as he moves his family back in the mountains to be with these people. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Missions Update – January 2013

Dear Pastors and Friends

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are off to a great New Year!  The year, 2012, was such a great year for us and our ministry.

We were involved in helping start six brand new churches. It’s always exciting to see God at work in different countries and seeing the results of soul winning grow into a new church. We also were able to take some missions trips and had several mission conferences with God working in the hearts of many people. We had thousands of people saved on these trips, and I was able to help baptize people.

One special blessing of 2012 was that in a missions conference, I preached a sermon on Holding the Rope and asked others to hold the rope for myself and other missionaries. Many times I am the one on the far end of the rope. I was to go on a trip to The Dominican Republic and we prayed and prepared for a big weekend. Then Hurricane Sandy, came and I was not able to go. We didn’t let that stop us.  Instead, we helped rent buses and bought Bibles for the missionary so that he could continue with what was planned. They had their big Sunday service and had 1,625 in attendance, 721 saved and 104 baptized. I was on the other end holding the rope. It was such a great feeling, and now I know how many of you feel.

We feel that God has led us to move our ministry to Longview Baptist Temple in Longview, Texas.  Dr. Bob Gray, II’s vision for missions will help enable us more in our growing ministry because of the many doors God has opened. Our first trip, I will help in taking a group of college students from Texas Baptist College to Panama. We have so much to do and need your prayers and help to accomplish it all.

I will be sending out all the new information in the next few days.  Please keep us in your prayers. Note our new address below.

Steve & Susie Heidenreich
P.O. Box 5665
Longview, TX 75608