Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dad is Home

Dad has been home from the hospital since Tuesday night. He went back to the doctor this morning for a procedure and he's doing better. He's eating and has rested really well since he's been home. He goes back on June 9th for prep for surgery and then the actual surgery will be on June 12th. He will have more stones lasered and they are predicting a 6 - 8 weeks of in and out of the hospital having the stones blasted. He will be home bound during this time and is having to cancel some meetings. Please pray that God touches his body and heals him and also takes care of them financially during this time.
We appreciate all of your love and concern. We have people wanting to text message him or send a card. If you need that information, just send a private message and we will get it to you.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kidney Issues

I kindly ask you to pray for my dad, Bro. Heidenreich.   For the past several weeks has been having health difficulties with his kidneys. This health issue caused him to recently cancel a foreign trip, and has caused him extreme pain.
Yesterday, he went to the doctor to find out what he could do to help with the problem, and they scheduled a CAT scan for next Tuesday. When he got home, the doctors office called him back and told him they wanted to get him in for a scan that day because they felt there was more going on than just trying to pass kidney stones. After coming home from the CAT scan, the doctor called and told him they wanted to immediately have surgery to remove several stones.
A urologist came in to the hospital for the sole purpose of seeing Bro. Heidenreich. We were told that he has several kidney stones, the two smallest are 8mm and 13mm. They said that he has several kidney stones that are twice that size, and that there are so many stones that they have been forced into his bladder. He also has an infection in the kidneys.
Today at 9am, he went into surgery to have 2 stents put in to help the kidney infection. Due to one kidney being blocked, they could not get the one stent in, which means he will go back into surgery later today to have a tube put into his back to drain the kidneys. Once the infection is gone, then they will go in and blast the kidney stones.
We were also informed that they discovered a mass on the main artery that goes from the heart to the leg. They won’t be able to work on that until the kidney infection is gone.
Please pray for Bro. Heidenreich that the kidney infection will dissipate and that the mass on the artery is not serious. The family appreciates the texts of concern we have already received. We will keep you updated as to his condition.