Thursday, April 18, 2013

Westside Baptist Church ~ Pacifica, CA

Last week I was with my dear friend, Pastor David Owens, who pastors the Westside Baptist Church in Pacifica California. We had a great missions conference and I always enjoy fellowshipping with the people of this church. 

During the mission conference, on Friday night, we went to the San Francisco Mission. I was very excited to be able to preach on that Friday night. We had over 80 people attend and 12 people raise their hand for salvation. Not only did Pastor David Owens and his people want to reach those around the world but show their passion for reaching those in their area.

Please pray for Pastor David Owens youngest son, Bro. Sam Owens and his family as they are preparing to go to country of Georgia.  They will be taking a survey trip later this year. God has called them to reach these people and they are preparing Bibles, tracts and other Christian materials to be used in the country of Georgia. Please pray because it is very difficult to get Georgian Bibles at this time and the ones we've found are very expensive. I am praying and hoping to go with them when they go on their survey trip.  Here's a picture of Bro. Sam and his family.
The next few weeks will be very busy for me as I will be traveling to the state of Georgia, then to New York and finishing up in Montana within 14 days. These are exciting days and God is at work.  We need to continue to serve the Lord.

I have four missions trips planned for this year.   Would you please continue to pray for my wife and I as we serve the Lord.