Monday, December 9, 2013

December 2013 Prayer Letter

December 2013

What an exciting month we’ve had in serving the Lord! We had a great Missions revival with Pastor Paul Arcand and the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Pasadena, Maryland. Bro Arcand has been a great friend for many years, and I always enjoy the opportunity to be with him, his family and church people. There was a great turnout for the Friday night service with the missionaries who were there. We also had many out for our soul winning meeting on Saturday morning with people saved.

We had the joy of being with Pastor Zappa and the Union Grove Baptist Church. My wife and I really enjoyed fellowshipping with the sweet people of this church. They were so friendly and really a blessing. This church has a heart for missions. It was a pleasure to preach and share our heart about what God is doing with us around the world. 

I was also with Pastor Patrick Heuveline and the Twin City Baptist Church in Brewer, Maine for their Mission's Conference. They had an outstanding banquet on Saturday night in which their ladies decorated each of the tables from different countries. The people were so excited; and what great food we had! It’s always exciting to go back to churches and see the excitement they have in reaching their area for Him.

Many of you know about Typhoon Yolanda that went through the Philippines. We have our children and grandchildren as missionaries living there. We were very concerned because the eye of the storm went right through the area where they are living. We weren’t able to get in contact with them, but after three days we heard they were safe! Sometimes being the parents and grandparents can be challenging! Some of their buildings were damaged, and the roof on the church needs repaired. They went about a month without electricity, but this past week had that restored. We are so thankful to the Lord for meeting that need. 

Susie and I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Because of all your prayers, love and support, thousands were saved and hundreds were baptized this year. It’s with great joy to know you are there holding the rope for us.

Your Missionaries,
The Heidenreich’s

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Susie and I have been thinking of how thankful we are for all that God has done for us and through us this past year. 

We are so thankful for those who have prayed for us and supported our ministry all these years. May God bless you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Thank You!

A special thank you for all those that have prayed for Sam, Aileen, JP, and Ashley for the safety through typhoon Yolanda. 

We are very grateful for all who have prayed and given to help them through this very difficult time of recovery. You'll never know how much this as meant to us.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Relief Packages

People at Sam's church, Gospel Baptist Church in Calinog, packing Relief Packages for those in need.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lighthouse Baptist Church ~ Pasadena, Maryland

November 15-17, 2013

What a great Missions Revival we had with Pastor Paul Arcand and the Lighthouse Baptist Church. There was a great turnout for the Friday night service with the missionaries. 

We had a well attended soul winning meeting on Saturday morning.  Had a great time out with my soul winning partner and there were people saved. 

Saturday night we had all the missionaries show their presentations. What a heart stirring time that was for the people watching what God had laid on the hearts of these precious missionaries. We also Skyed others missionaries around the world. That always adds so much to a Mission meeting!

Sunday services were outstanding and the people went way beyond anything we thought they could do. These dear people gave to so many mission projects and needs it was truly a Missions Revival!

Thank you Bro. Arcand and Lighthouse Baptist Church!!!  

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our Family in the Philippines

We heard from Sam & Aileen and the grandkids.  They are safe!  They will be without power for at least 2 months.  Praying we can get them a generator!

  Here are a few pictures from the damage that their church and buildings had from the storm.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Union Grove Baptist Church

We had the joy of being with Pastor Zappa and the Union Grove Baptist Church. My wife and I  were really enjoyed fellowshipping with the sweet people of this church. They were so friendly and really a blessing. 

This church has a heart for missions. It was a pleasure to preach and share our hearts about God was doing with us around the world. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Typhoon in the Philippines

Typhoon Yolanda has hit the Philippines! We have our children and grandchildren as missionaries living there. 

It is one of the strongest typhoons in history. We are very concerned because the eye of the storm went right through the area where they are living. We haven't been able to be in contact with them. Sometimes being the parents and grand parents can be challenging. Please pray that they are safe!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Twin City Baptist Church ~ Brewer, Maine

October 18 - 20, 2013
I have spent the past few days with Pastor Patrick Heuveline and the Twin City Baptist Church in Brewer, Maine for their Mission's Conference. 

They had an outstanding banquet on Saturday night in which their ladies decorated each of the tables from different countries. The people were so excited and what great food we had!

The Sunday services were exciting as we saw the Lord work in the hearts of His people. God blessed their missions giving!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Northern Lights Baptist Church ~ Anchorage, Alaska

I was home 4 days from the Philippines and my sweet wife washed my clothes and got me packed and ready to walk back out the door. I couldn't do all the traveling I do without her!

 I then flew to Anchorage, Alaska with Pastor Greg Clark and the Northern Lights Baptist Church.  Boy! Talk about a climate change from real hot to cold and some snow. 

I preached their Missions Conference and taught one day in their Bible Institute.  Praise the Lord!  We had over 40 different nationalities in the service on Sunday with people saved and baptized. The missionaries at the conference did a great job of presenting their fields of service.   This is a very exciting church to preach in with many great people!

Above is a picture of one of the young men that brought his convert and he got baptized that night.  

Monday, September 16, 2013

A Trip To The Philippines!

This is our son, Sam, and his family, missionaries to the Philippines
 (left to right) JP, Aileen, Sam & Ashley

Our granddaughter, Ashley Heidenreich, in Philippines was put in the hospital with Dengue fever. She had been very sick and we put out a prayer request asking people to pray that she'd get better.  Thousands of people were praying for her and we received many emails of encouragement.  A church paid for my ticket to go over to be with her.  On August 27th, I flew to the Philippines.  By the time I got there she was doing better. God answered the prayers of His people and she has recovered.

While I was there the Lord opened so many doors for me to travel throughout the islands and preach. People were saved in all the services and in one service I was able to baptize 27 people. There were opportunities to go soul winning, preach in public school and hold Bible studies. 

When the trip ended there were 7,046 people saved!

There's no doubt in my mind that God had me go on this trip for a reason!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mt Olivet Baptist Church ~ Lexington, KY

Praise the Lord!  On August 16 -18th, I traveled to Lexington, KY to preach a Mission’s Conference at Mt Olive Baptist Church for Pastor Dewayne Walker. They had some exciting missionaries at the conference and I was willing to go with all of them to their field. 

The great thing was that we saw people saved and baptized during the services. Also, I was able to lead a man to Christ outside of my hotel.  

It's always exciting to end out a conference and they are able to add missionaries to their mission’s program.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bristoria Baptist Church ~ Holbrook, PA

I flew out to be with a dear friend of mine, Pastor Gary Crawford and Bristoria Baptist Church. We had a great weekend and I really enjoyed fellowshipping with the church members. This church loves missions and gives faithfully to getting the Gospel to other countries. Pray as they add a new building.  I always enjoy spending time with these people.

Friday, June 28, 2013

June 23-26, 2013

This past week I was with my good friend, Pastor Steve Cape, and Hillside Baptist Church in Hixson, Tennessee.  What a great missions conference we had! We had people saved this past weekend out soul winning and a young boy trust Christ as his Saviour during the morning service. The people were very excited and the response was amazing. They increased their missions giving as well a desire to serve The Lord.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Today was my birthday and and this being Saturday also a day to go soul winning.  Since it was my birthday I wanted to win someone to Christ so someone could have spiritual birthday. 

My soul winning partner and I went out knocking on doors and witnessing to people. We didn't have much response and we left to go back to the church. But I kept looking for an opportunity for someone to lead to Christ. I saw a man walking down the side of the road and asked Andrew to pull over so I could talk to him. After introducing myself and talking with him I asked him if he had a home in Heaven. I gave him the plan of salvation and trusted Jesus Christ as his Saviour.

Praise the Lord that at the age of 64, the Lord is allowing me to still be used to lead others to Him!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Heritage Baptist Church ~ Great Falls, MT

I flew out this past week to be with Pastor Sheldon Shearers and the Heritage Baptist Church.  I've known Pastor Shearers for many years.  He was one of the pastors that visited our family while we were on the mission field and he continues to support my son, Sam, there in the Philippines.

My daughter, Sandy, drove me to Shreveport, Louisiana to catch my flight. I boarded the plane and took off and we were in the air about 20 minutes when the pilot came over the PA system and said that we had hit a bird during take off.  We immediately had to return to the airport because of the damages to some of the sensors.  Because of the delay I missed my connecting flight and I was unable to continue my trip to Montana that night.  They put me in a hotel for the night and I caught a 6 AM flight the next morning to leave out with a few connections to Great Falls, Montana.

While on the first leg of this trip I was able to witness to a man named John who was sitting beside me.  He was going through some difficult times and said he thought about going back to church some day.  I told him it was always good to go to church but did he know for sure if he was going to heaven.  He said he didn’t really know and after about 30 minutes of hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ he bowed his head and trusted Jesus as his Saviour.   It is amazing how God changed everything so this man would be able to hear the Gospel that morning.

We had a great missions conference and the Heritage Baptist Church spoiled the missionaries.  We had a great  international dinner in which the people did a great job in preparing.  The church had such a giving heart and took on a great mission project for the missionaries that were from the Philippines. (picture of family at the top)

What a blessing to be with friends and a church that has such a burden for missions!

Monday, May 6, 2013

First Baptist Church ~ Watertown, New York

I flew home to spend ten hours with my wife, change suitcases and take care of some small needs before leaving to catch a 5 AM flight to Watertown, New York. I went to be with Pastor Jack Young and the First Baptist Church.

Because of the weather and flight delays, a trip that should have taken 7 hours, ended up taking 20 hours and I arrived at 1 AM Saturday morning.  I missed preaching the Friday night service but they had tremendous service with the missionaries that were there.

On Saturday night we had an international dinner and then I preached after the meal.  What a great job the people of the church did in making this a success!

We had a great day with the Sunday services. Pastor Young is doing a tremendous job in reaching the people that area.  Their Mission conference went very well and they were able to add a missionary family to the mission program.  Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The King's Way Baptist Church ~ Douglasville, GA

I was with the Kingsway Baptist Church and Pastor Bill Wininger in Douglasville, GA this past week to preach their mission conference.  What an exciting conference we had with three other missionary families being there for the week.  

This is one of the most exciting conferences that I ever attended. The members of the church were so excited to be involved in personally meeting the needs of every missionary couple there.  The pastor asked all the missionaries for the needs they had and the church members went out and met every one of those needs. I personally was blessed beyond measure with the things that they did for my wife and I.

Pastor Wininger is doing a tremendous job pastoring this church.  Some of the young people kept coming up to me every service and asking me questions about the mission field. The picture above is of two young men that would meet me at the church and fellowship with me before the service.

A special thank you to Bro. Jeremy Wilson for being my host and doing a tremendous job in meeting the needs of all the other missionaries. He worked  tirelessly in making sure that the conference was a great success.

People were saved and baptized at the conference and the preaching and testimonies were greatly enjoyed by all.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Westside Baptist Church ~ Pacifica, CA

Last week I was with my dear friend, Pastor David Owens, who pastors the Westside Baptist Church in Pacifica California. We had a great missions conference and I always enjoy fellowshipping with the people of this church. 

During the mission conference, on Friday night, we went to the San Francisco Mission. I was very excited to be able to preach on that Friday night. We had over 80 people attend and 12 people raise their hand for salvation. Not only did Pastor David Owens and his people want to reach those around the world but show their passion for reaching those in their area.

Please pray for Pastor David Owens youngest son, Bro. Sam Owens and his family as they are preparing to go to country of Georgia.  They will be taking a survey trip later this year. God has called them to reach these people and they are preparing Bibles, tracts and other Christian materials to be used in the country of Georgia. Please pray because it is very difficult to get Georgian Bibles at this time and the ones we've found are very expensive. I am praying and hoping to go with them when they go on their survey trip.  Here's a picture of Bro. Sam and his family.
The next few weeks will be very busy for me as I will be traveling to the state of Georgia, then to New York and finishing up in Montana within 14 days. These are exciting days and God is at work.  We need to continue to serve the Lord.

I have four missions trips planned for this year.   Would you please continue to pray for my wife and I as we serve the Lord.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Grace Baptist Church

This past week, March 16-20, I was with Pastor Charles Hamilton and Grace Baptist Church. What a tremendous time we had in their mission’s conference. The missionaries there were such a great blessing. It was a real blessing to me personally to see young families going to the mission’s field. The people of the church were so friendly and boy could they cook. I want to thank Pastor Hamilton and his church for having me come.

 Please continue to pray as we have many opportunities ahead of us and need your prayers.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Mission Month

On March 5th I had the privilege of preaching in my home church, Longview Baptist Temple, for Pastor Bob Gray II. The whole month of February was Missions Month and I was asked to preach their last missions service.  What a great missions program we have and we were able to increase our missions giving.

On March 6th I was able to speak to our college classes. Texas Baptist College has their students take a mission’s trip in January every year and the young people really get involved in this opportunity.  They went to Haiti, Philippines, Panama and South Africa this year.  What an exciting time to spend with these students.  I was able to preach college chapel that day as well. God worked in many of the hearts of the young people.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Panama Trip

I just returned home from a missions trip to Panama.  I went with a group of young people from our Bible college, Texas Baptist College.  There were four groups that went to different countries:  Panama, Haiti, Africa and the Philippines.  How exciting it is to see our young people go with anticipation of what God will do.  
The group I was with went to several cities and mountain villages where we presented the Gospel to groups of people through soul winning and did some preaching.   The people were very kind and open to the Gospel.
We went to a village church and held a service among the Indians and saw people saved. The next day we went back to follow up in the same village.  As we went, there was a pick-up full of people who were waiting for their way back into the mountains. We asked the driver if he would wait so we could give the riders the plan of salvation. He agreed and, Juan, our Spanish speaker gave the plan of salvation to 21 people.  All but a few trusted Christ as their Saviour. 

There was a young man on the truck who had attended the service the night before and got saved. He was on the truck and watched Juan give the plan of salvation to the others. He came over to Juan and I afterwards and ask for some of the Book of Romans that we were giving out to the people. The Book of Romans had a very clear picture story of salvation in the front of it.   He said I want a lot of this Book of Romans to take back to my village and I think I can share the plan of salvation with them. He was very  excited about others learning for sure they could go to Heaven. I wish all new converts would be that excited about sharing the Gospel.

We traveled and passed out over 3,000 John and Romans and had 505 people saved.  A new church is beginning this February. Please pray for this national pastor as he moves his family back in the mountains to be with these people.