Saturday, September 13, 2014

September Prayer Letter

September 2014

Dear Pastor and Friends,

Many of you have been praying for me these past few months as I have had close to 10 surgeries on my kidneys for kidney stones and blockage. While doing x-rays, they also found a mass about the size of an orange. It is surrounded by five organs and it would be difficult to remove it. Praise God, it’s not cancerous and they will keep checking it and will drain it if it needs to be. I can't thank you enough for your prayers, love and concern for us during this time. I am still passing stones and will be under the care of the doctors for a while longer. Please pray that my kidneys will heal so I can continue to travel.

In spite of all of this, God has been working greatly in our ministry. We have had opportunities to witness to many doctors, nurses and other people in need. At the hospital there are always hurting people and those are often the one’s most open to the Gospel. When I was transferred from one hospital to another by ambulance, I was able to witness to a man who was a Jehovah’s Witness. God places needy people in front of us everywhere we go.

The past several months we have been helping national pastors in four different countries. In Northern Sudan they had 71 saved with 40 baptized, in the Congo they had 66 saved with 7 baptized, and in Northern Uganda they had 52 saved with 3 baptized. In the Philippines they had 35 at a Bible study with 21 saved. How exciting to see God at work in these young churches.

Praise the Lord; I am slowly getting back to traveling. On my last trip out, I was able to lead people to Christ at the airport, along the street and out soul winning with people from the church. On my most recent trip, I was in a mission’s conference and we had people saved, a young man surrender to the mission field and we were able to raise money to support new missionaries. Praise the Lord!

I just had a check up with the doctor yesterday and he told me the kidneys were improving and they would keep the stent in the right kidney for another month. Please continue to pray as my schedule is going to be very busy the next couple of months and for my strength to improve.

There is no way Susie and I could have made it through the last few months without your prayers, love and support. Only Heaven will reveal all that was accomplished with your help.

Your Missionaries,

Steve and Susie Heidenreich