Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lighthouse Baptist Church ~ Leighton, PA

This past week I have been at a Missions Conference with Pastor Wolverton and the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Leighton, PA.  On the flight there, I was able to share the Gospel with a few different people from Bangladesh, Egypt, and Paraguay.

One of the  Missionaries in the conference was Dan Gardner, a missionary to Japan. He was the first missionary I met 36 years ago. Our family support him for twenty years. What a faithful man and blessing to hear of God's blessings in his work in Japan.  Here is a picture of Bro. Gardner and myself:

Pastor Wolverton and Lighthouse Baptist Church were planning to break their record attendance of 377. The church prayed, worked hard, went soul winning and on Faith Promise Sunday they had 467 people come.  What an exciting Sunday to be a part of.

The church also broke their record in their Faith Promise Giving! I like it when a church has a Mission's Revival! I want to thank all of those people for their hard work and faith in God!