Wednesday, June 11, 2014

More Surgery

Dad doesn't want to bother everyone with his health. So I (Sandy) thought I'd throw out a prayer request for him. He had blood work and X-rays done on Monday and goes in for surgery again tomorrow morning.
This surgery is to make sure the stents are still helping. To also go in after some of the stones and also to see if they can figure out the mass that he has. The more stones they can get rid of the more it will help the functioning of the kidneys. He has many stones to pass.
He's doing good but hasn't been able to be out of the house except to the hospital and back. Pray for mom ...he's going stir crazy. He is homebound because he's passing so many stones, which is a good thing! I mowed his lawn for him a week ago and he doesn't want me to do it again so he said he would! Isn't he a funny one!
Thank you for praying for him! We are praying for the Lord to heal him quickly so he can get out there and travel. His heartbeat is to help reach our world for the Lord!

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